Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Advanced Finishing 2008

What a great run of instruments for the graduating class of 2008. Again we had the opportunity to run the advanced finishing class where students were able to dream up the color and look in their mind and then make it happen.

Pictured to the right is a beautiful hand applied sunburst on swamp ash with a dark grain filler to highlight the pores.

Next color is used to enhance a piece of wood with some great curly figure.

Here is a mahogany instrument with light colored pore filler under a sprayed blue/purple toner. The options are pretty much endless when you understand the methods and materials that go into high quality finishing.

Ah and here are some fine looking mandolins! One is a hand applied color using red as the foundation with subtle shading techniques along the edges and the other is a more traditional sprayed sunburst that looks great.

Here are some other fantastic instruments as well. (I haven't included all the instruments that were done simply because either the pictures didn't turn out or I have yet to crop and adjust their file sizes.