Sunday, March 9, 2008

The blog debuts...

Welcome to the guitar program blog! This winter we've begun work on creating a website for the musical instrument repair programs at Southeast Technical in Red Wing, Minnesota. The guitar, violin and band instrument repair programs already enjoy a great reputation and draw students from all over America (and even some international students). As the guitar program blog develops we hope to tell our story beyond the scope of the new website.

We're approaching the midway point of the the Spring Semester 2008. In the fall our students learned many of the techniques and skills necessary to maintain & repair guitars and other fretted instruments - such as making nuts, saddles, bridges, performing neck re-sets and fret jobs as well as wiring electric guitars. Now in spring they are applying those skills (and gaining new skills) to build an acoustic guitar from scratch!

Come back soon to see how work in the guitar repair and construction is progressing.