Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking of Enrolling? - What you NEED to know!

Thank you to everyone at the college responsible for welcoming new students from the very first phone call to the college, questions about the program, visiting the college, etc...We have made every effort to be sure students coming into the program have what they need, the information gets to them with plenty of lead time and they're ready to hit the ground running the first day of school.

No matter how hard we try there are situations that pop up and present a very serious challenge to new students so I'd like to talk about potential pitfalls for anyone thinking of coming to our program.

Your success in the program is the most important thing to us and we will do everything we can do to help you get to where you're going. That's why I've written this particular blog. The sooner you begin planning your future the greater success you'll have.

Here is critical information for anyone thinking of coming to the Guitar Repair & Building program:

#1 - Don't wait to apply to the college and get the wheels in motion. We have completely filled the program for the 2009-2010 school year. If someone procrastinates they could very well not be able to get in. This will allow you time to fill out the necessary paperwork, apply for financial aid etc.

#2 - You generally receive the first two tool lists at orientation. The hand tools ARE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS for the Intro to Tools class. There is no way the college can loan you tools to prepare in class (flatten, grind and sharpen). If you wait until the last registration day you only have a few days to order your tools. By then the vendors may be out of stock on those tools because so many other people have ordered theirs. If you don't have the necessary tools on the first day your ability to pass that class is severely reduced.

#3 - Don't wait to register!!! You begin the registration with an orientation session required for every student at the college. (see#2) There are 4 registrations for incoming guitar students. Get to the first registration you possibly can and DON'T ARRIVE LATE. The program is nearly full by the end of July.

#4 - The Intro to Tools class is a prerequisite for nearly every class in the guitar program. If you don't pass that you can't continue in the program. (see #2) This class runs the first 4 weeks of the semester. Basically 1 day = 1 week of a normal 16 week, semester long course. If you start 2 days late without your tools YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PASS the class. Or should we say, no one has ever done it in the past.

#5 - Each class is a stepping stone to the next. Intro to Tools is required for the repair courses offered in the fall. The fall courses are required for the spring semester courses, so if a student for some reason doesn't make it through the other fall courses they are unable to come back to build a guitar in the spring semester.

#6 - Our program is a full-time commitment for 9 months. We don't have a way to offer part-time enrollment or picking and choosing only certain courses.

Contact the college with any questions you have, we're here to help!