Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Week 3

Wow, week three is just about done. To the rest of you reading this, you may just think that its not a big deal, but to us guitar students, its a HUGE deal! That means that the last week of tools is just around the corner. That is some exciting stuff!! But, at the same time, its also hectic because that also means that we must finish prepping our hand tools with Lisbeth and finish our power tool projects with Brian.

In hand tools, I am finished with the majority of my tools. Its a great feeling being in class and accomplishing tasks. It makes me feel...well, accomplished. I just finished flattening and polishing all my chisels yesterday in class. I thought it would take a real long time to finish, but to my surprise, I finished them all in the one class period with some time left over to work on my stinkin' burnisher. Which reminds me, my goal this weekend is to finish the burnisher at home.

And then, in power tools, I am learning a load of things. It's good stuff. I enjoy using all the quality tools in the shop. I'm starting to get more and more comfortable using them. I can't really wait until we actually start building guitars! Just thinking about it is exciting. Funny story though, not really goes. I was working on my nut and sattle holder project which we take a block "blank" and sand it down to be flat and square to each and every face. And then we drill a hole down the middle, first with a forstner bit only about 3/16th of an inch deep, then second with just a regular twist bit down the center of the block. So I finished all my sanding, meaning I got my block square and flat on all sides. Brian had already set the forstner bit to stop at the required depth...or so I thought. I went to go drill my first hole and waited for the stop. Turned out that someone probably had set it to a different setting maybe the night before. So I obviously drilled too far. I went and asked Brian what I should do. He told me that I could either plug the hole with wood and glue it in, or I could start over. Gluing it in would take longer, so I felt like I wasted half of a day. Great story. And it's true. But I suppose its all part of the learning process right?

Instructor note: Making mistakes is part of learning and perhaps more importantly, how a person responds to that mistake. He did a great job!