Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 - 2011 School Year has Begun!

We're off & running on another new school year here at Southeast Technical College.  First year students are in the Intro to Tools class in the guitar program along with a set-up lecture & guitar acoustics class.

This fall also begins our new Guitar Development & Production program!  Second year students are learning CAD for Guitar, CNC for Guitar, advanced repair techniques, planning their new instrument in the Guitar Design class as well as learning cutting edge finishes used in the guitar industry during the advanced finishing class.  Let's not forget the archtop construction class that begins the first week of school and runs through the end of the year where students choose to build an archtop guitar, mandolin or a violin!

Everyone is very excited the year is underway and after many years of planning we are extremely happy to be offering the additional diploma to build on what is learned the first year.