Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hit the Ground Running...

After years of preparations, and even more years of planning, Southeast Technical's Guitar Development and Production program is finally underway.

The year really seems to focus on improving skills we developed previously. Whether Advanced Finish Work, Arch top class, Cad and CNC for Guitar, or Advanced Inlay class, we're all sure to be kept on our toes.

Here are a few pictures of the Cad program: Rhinoceros 4.0. In this program we've been learning to draw both 2-d and 3-d objects, all leading up to the process of digitally blueprinting the guitars we all will be building come this spring semester.

In Archtop class, we have the choice to build either a hollow-body archtop, a mandolin, or a violin. We are in the process of making and gluing our end and top blocks to our molds. Next week we'll start scraping our sides to thickness.

Advanced Finish Work is sure to be a very interesting class. We will be mixing and spraying new finish techniques. One example is using UV light to cure a conversion finish. Along with that we will be spraying a gold-top finish, as well as our own sunburst finishes!

All in all, the program seems packed with cutting-edge classes and is sure to turn at least a few heads.