Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Start of Week 5

It's week four and things are starting to pick up for the second year guitar students. In archtop class, we've all been running around trying to get our ribs bent and glued to our head/tail/waist blocks--whether mandolin, archtop guitar, or violin!

As tools class comes to an end and the first year students start their new schedule, we start our adjusted schedule with Fridays off. With advanced finish work now only on Wednesday nights, we look forward to finishing (no, not that kind, we've already sprayed them!) our first project: a goldtop finish. Another thing
we're working on is buffing project boards and practicing our burn-ins and

In our CAD and CNC classes we have finally gotten through our intro workbook and are excited to starting mapping out our future guitars from paper to the Rhino. We also look forward to using the data we have learned about this past month and putting it into a CNC machine to cut out templates and molds.