Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things are on the way...

It's the start of October and things are really getting interesting in the second year guitar program.

In advanced repairs, we have all been doing a number of different repairs--whether a bridge re-glue, neck reset, fret job, or even a headstock crack. Things are getting exciting as we all work to expand our knowledge of guitar repairs.

In CAD/CNC, we have finally begun tinkering around with the actual CNC machine. I have no doubt that soon we will be cutting out molds and templates. One thing's for sure: that machine is really going to get broken in during the next few months!

Come Wednesday, we will be spraying and curing a UV conversion finish in advanced finish work--which is sure to be cool. Also, we start to venture deep into the world of finish repairs such as drop fills, color touch ups, burn-ins and practicing grain lines.

Instruments are starting to take shape in arch top class. Most are finishing up bending and gluing ribs to blocks and we start working on gluing kerfing/linings in.