Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring Semester 2011

It's week two of the first spring semester in the Guitar Development and Production program. Our current classes include Advanced Guitar Construction, Advanced Inlay and Archtop (in which we continue the instrument we started last semester).

In our Advanced Guitar Construction classes, we are building the instruments that we previously made templates and molds for in CAD/CNC class last November and December. We have 16 weeks to complete the instrument we designed and are graded according to our weekly progress and the overall build. This class focuses on building a guitar from the ground up, while paying close attention to how much time each step will take and consequently, the whole process.

In our new Inlay class, we will all be aiming our sights on completing a number custom inlay projects both by hand and on the CNC machine. This two credit class will be a great door opener to the intricate world of inlays.

Things are being picked up where they were left off before our winter break. A lot of the guitar and mandolin builders have the final arches done with f-holes in and are getting ready to glue the box together. Those who are constructing an instrument with margins (violins/a few mandolins) are mostly finishing up final top arches--after having scraped down purfling.