Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting close to Valentine's Day--Did I mention we love our instruments?

In room 401, guitars are starting to take shape for the second year students. This semester, we have a wide array of guitars being built, from a neck-thru electric to a baritone acoustic guitar.

The electric guitars seem to be all over the place as far as how complete each is. A student building a "SG" style guitar just finished gluing on the neck to the body, while a couple others are just starting the neck. This all seems to depend on how simple or extreme the design is. A common theme among carved top builders seems to be carving the top on the CNC machine. One text run has been done so far, and it turned out great!

On the other hand, the acoustic builders seem to be in pretty close pace with each other. Most have been starting to glue on kerfing, some even gluing the box together. It is amazing to see how large (baritone) or how small (ukulele) some instruments are!

Regardless of the type, all instruments are being constructed carefully and with a well thought-out plan.