Thursday, March 24, 2011

...And the Spraying Begins

We are just over the halfway point of the second semester, and the instruments are really looking fine. As I'm sure I mentioned in my last post, the progress of all these instruments is all over the place. Most people are done, or getting close to being done with the instrument bodies and are working to finish their necks. Currently, there are two students in the process of spraying finish and more getting ready!

Our group as a whole seems to be cutting and installing inlays with a lot of enthusiasm. Pearl and abalone birds, roses, and trees are really taking shape on headstocks and fingerboards. It is cool to see the instruments get a refined look to them just by adding a bit of pearl.

In archtop class, things are just as spread out. Some guitars are getting close to being sprayed, which seems to be way ahead of the game for this early in the year, while we violin builders prepare to start the carve of the scroll! I can honestly say I have learned to use my hand tools 100% more efficiently after this class--which is great!

The CNC machine is often running, along with the constant hum of the router; these projects are really going fast!