Wednesday, May 4, 2011

...and to wrap it all up.

It's the last week of the 2nd semester and I really cannot state enough, it really does go fast! For the past two weeks mostly everyone in the 2nd year program has gotten their guitar sprayed or is just finishing up spraying their instruments--some of those who used UV polyester or 2k polyurethane have already buffed their guitar!

I can honestly say I've just sat in the room next to the spray booth (where we all hang our guitars) and stared at all the interesting designs. There has been a multitude of colors flying around, literally.

As you can see, there really is a large variety of guitar being built and sprayed. The bass on the left is actually the second instrument that a student has made this semester. The second from the left has been buffed out and is about to get the bridge on. The next guitar has been level sanded and is soon to be buffed, and the last guitar is all sanded out and is about to receive some color (possibly a black to blue sunburst?).

On the right here is a baritone acoustic that had just been sprayed. Yes, that bridge IS in the correct spot--this is a fan-fret guitar.

To the left is my guitar, after I sprayed a sunburst and several coats of reduced lacquer. This was taken just before I started level sanding to prep for more coats of lacquer.

This last picture is an archtop guitar built by a student, coated with 2k polyurethane. This was made in archtop class, and is amoung a few others being built. Last week, for the first time in the history of the school, an archtop guitar was buffed and strung-up during class. What's more amazing, is there will certainly be a few more ready in time for the guitar show this upcoming tuesday, May 10th. A couple mandolins and possibly a violin or two will also be ready for the show--which is no easy feat.

All in all, a very productive and exciting first second year program...Let me try that again. All things considered, it was a very productive and learned opening second year program. Some things went smooth and better than expected, while others were rough and will be refined for the next class. However, the information we learned through those difficulties *cough* UV Polyester *cough*, helped us to learn things we wouldn't have if they hadn't happened.

Luke P